About Us

The Brownstown Professional Fire Fighters Union (BPFFU) serves the community of Brownstown Township, Michigan, and is a member of the International Association of Fire Fighters and Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union. The BPFFU was established July 1st 2001, after the Brownstown Fire Department made the transition to a full-time career department in October 2000. After more than 40 years of volunteer and part-paid fire service the Charter Township of Brownstown realized the need to establish a full-time Department to keep up with the amazing developmental growth and influx of residents.

Today the Brownstown Fire Department provides 24/7 Fire, Rescue and Advanced Life Support ambulance transport services, as well as Fire investigation, prevention, and education. We staff 2 full-time stations with all personnel trained as Fire Fighters and Paramedics and serve approximately 30,000 residents over 23 Sq. miles with areas including lakeshore, a Metropark, a state game hunting area, and several miles of Interstate 75.

Brownstown Fire Engine circa 1964

IAFF Local 4112