Blue Light Brownstown

“Partner in Public Safety”

Brownstown Honor Guard in partnership with Lowes is presenting “Partner in Public Safety” to all Brownstown residents.

The Brownstown Honor Guard is comprised of both police and fire personnel whom have volunteered their time to represent all Public Safety personnel with the community. The ten member Brownstown Honor Guard was established in March of 2011. The unit was established with the primary goal of providing proper honors to members of the Public Safety Community who make the ultimate sacrifice in service to the community. Membership is voluntary, and time for training, and Honor Guard details, is donated by its members. Aside from its primary focus, the Honor Guard also participates in various community details such as presenting and or posting of the National Colors (The U.S. Flag) at events or ceremonies. In addition, the Honor Guard serves as the caretakers of, and liaison to, the Wall of Honor, which is located in the Township Recreation Campus as a place to honor the service of the communities Public Safety Employees.

There are no tax payer dollars utilized with the honor guard and all funds are donated by the community and various businesses. This group is also instrumental in providing scholarship monies to high school graduates of the schools served by our community.
Blue Light Brownstown- “Partner in Public Safety”
The men and women of the Brownstown Police and Fire Departments would like to thank you for being a “Partner in Public Safety”. This blue light is being presented by the Brownstown Public Safety Honor Guard as a symbol of the partnership between these guardians of public safety, and the community they have pledged to protect. Partnership between the citizens and their public safety professionals is vital to a safe community. As a testimony to this successful partnership, in 2016 Brownstown was rated Michigan’s 10th safest city by To celebrate this successful partnership, let this blue light shine on your porch as a beacon of your support to “Brownstown’s Finest”, your public safety guardians, and show your appreciation for their service and sacrifice.

If you are interested in participating, you will need to be a resident of Brownstown. Blue lights will be handed out by Honor Guard members while out serving the community. Residents can also get a blue light by going to the Brownstown Police Department 23125 King Rd. (11-3pm) or Fire Department 24150 Sibley Rd. (9-11am) Monday – Friday while supplies last.

Thank you all for your support,
James S. Sclater Director of Public Safety
Brownstown Honor Guard